Wi-Fi has become the primary source of internet sharing in today’s world, but the not network is safe in this world. How big may be your security encryption type, you can be hacked with another brilliant algorithm. So, you need to follow some rules to secure your network.

On the other hand, many networks are weak, so you can easily hack them using some third party apps and software. On such software is Wi-Fi auditor which searches for the most vulnerable security encrypted network in the range and attacks it and captures the password within minutes. It is basically a wifi password hacker which you can use even if you don’t have the knowledge of how to hack wifi using kali Linux.

Some ethical hackers use this software to steal personal data from others. It is an advanced software that will target a network and finds all the security vulnerabilities in that particular system. So, you will get access to the password one way or the other.

Wifi Auditor: Download Links

In this post, we will discuss Wi-Fi Auditor, its uses and features, how to install it, advantages and disadvantages and a final review or conclusion about it. And yes, we will provide you with an official download link so that you don’t get misguided and download the wrong app.

Wi-Fi auditor software will run on Linux, Mac, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, but need to have java installed in your system. The software is entirely built in Java, and it has the extension jar. Running the app will scan the entire available networks in the surrounding and will show you the systems that have vulnerabilities.

The list will show you the number of vulnerabilities of each network, now just select on the network and click on ‘audit’. Now you will be automatically connected to the network, and there is button also to reveal the password.

Features of the software:

  • User and Noob friendly software with a very simple user interface.
  • Provides a list of vulnerabilities found in a network which you have scanned.
  • Give you information about the vulnerabilities present in your network or the network you would consider safeguarding.
  • Works with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, only additional JAVA plugin is required.
  • Regular Updates make the software compatible with current networking standards.
  • It also protects the host system network from other attackers.
  • It has the tendency to crack some highly secured systems with some advanced algorithms. But they are done only for educational purposes.
  • The software is only 1270 kilobytes and does the job of a massive cracking machine in your personal computer.

Download the software from https://2ra5-downloads.phpnuke.org/en/survey/c152376/wifi-auditor.htm


This app is one of the best apps for cracking the password of Wi-Fi networks, which is also safe to use this app doesn’t have any ads in it or any malware or virus. Wi-Fi Auditor makes your hacking experience excellent. But make sure that you download the software from here because there are many fake versions of this software. So, use only the link provided in this post. If you face any issues while installing this software, then feel free to comment below, we will be happy to help you.

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