Linux is an ancient and free operating system based on which other powerful operating system like Android are built. Linux has many distros, like Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Cyborg Hawk Linux, Black arch Linux, red hat Linux, etc. Most of its distros are built only for special purposes like penetration testing and hacking purposes.

One such very famous Linux distros are Kali Linux. Kali Linux is one of the best penetration testing Linux operating system, and it is most famous operating system among hackers, every hacker must have started using Kali Linux first.

We can hack from a small mobile phone to big networks using Kali Linux, in this post I will teach you how to hack a Wi-Fi network using Kali Linux. Kali Linux, in most of the Linux OS, is free, so download Kali Linux and live to boot it or install it on your PC and can be used as a wifi password hacker.

How to Hack Wi-Fi using Kali Linux:

The first step is to install Kali Linus in your computer

Head on to

And install Kali Linux, by burning the ISO image file to a CD or DVD. Or live boot it using a USB or disc.

Now, login to your Kali Linux operating system as the root user, the default username and password are ‘root’ and ‘toor’ respectively.

Now open the terminal located in the left side easy bar. And type ‘airmon-ng’ which will list your Wi-Fi adapters. Check what is the name given by Linux to your adapter under the interface, usually, it is wlan0.

Now, start your networking by typing airmon-ng start wlan0.

Now type airodump-ng wlan0, now you will get all the list of networks available to hack, select a network and copy the BSSID, which is the MAC address of the host. Also, note the channel in which it is running under the channel column.

Now type this command and hit enter

airodump-ng -c <channel> –bssid <bssid> -w /root/Desktop/ [monitor interface]

Replace <channel> and <bssid> with the values you have noted.

Now open new terminal and type aireplay-ng –0 2 –a <mybssid> –c <bssid> wlan0

Replace <mybssid> with your MAC address and <bssid> with the values you have noted.

Now check the top right corner of your terminal, you should get a WPA handshake, this is an important step, without handshake you cannot hack into the network.

Finally run this command aircrack-ng -a2 -b <bssid> -w /root/Desktop/wordlist.cap

Replace <bssid> with the values you have noted.

wordlist is the list of all possible password, which you can grab from the internet or you can easily create one using Kali Linux.

Finally, the terminal will start checking for matching passwords using brute force technique, and finally, if any password matches the list, then you will get noticed!

Voila! You have hacked a network using Kali Linux, this is a basic and easy process followed by many hackers, people can learn this method in a day or so, if you face any issues while trying this method, feel free to comment below, we will be happy to help you.

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