100+ Extremely Funny Wifi Names for Your Network SSID!!

Wi-Fi has been an integrated system of our life nowadays and without decent Wi-Fi connectivity, we hardly can imagine a day! Well, it has redefined the way of data connectivity. Within a particular area it provides strong connectivity, it boasted the signals and extracts the highest speed through the connection. However, Wifi isn’t hack proof and there are lots of wifi password hacker software.

Giving Wi-Fi a funny name has become a trend and many of us have put some weird names. Some of these are really funny while some are really astonishing at first sight. Have you encountered with anything such till now?

Well, if you haven’t then the trend of giving funny Wi-Fi names hasn’t broken its wave in your circles yet. We have got a huge list of these. Interestingly people providing funny nomenclatures of Wi-Fi don’t hide their connection and make those visible so that everyone sees the Wi-Fi availability with the weird names!

Some Funny Wifi names- Check which one you can opt for your Wi-Fi

There’re a lot of suggestions rounding up in our minds right now for funny and clever wifi names. According to your taste and personality, you can choose one from these. Well, some of these may look like ‘placed at the wrong place!’ take all the things humorously.

Here the suggestions go-

  1. Don’t even try it: It’s the caution notice that the Wi-Fi is password protected. Trying it means a waste of time.
  2. No Free Wifi for you: Kind of insulting someone who’s desperately looking for a strong Wi-Fi connection around.
  3. Virus Infected WiFi: Well, it’s really ridiculous if you encounter with any Wi-Fi with such name.
  4. You Pay Now: When I saw this name, I got awestruck and finally I came into a sense that it was the ‘name’ of the Wi-Fi!

Cool Wifi Names That Are Funny

Want to add some spices in it? Check the following then. You may find what you are searching for.

  1. WillUmarryMe: No, absolutely not! I wish I could answer that over the Wi-Fi, Alas! That was protected with a password.
  2. For Porn Use Only: Give me a hug! We can be friends otherwise!
  3. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2: Well, I am an old guy and I tasted them both. But believe me, health and money are enough.

Some Funny yet weird Wi-Fi names:  Best Wifi network names

If you’re not impressed yet and looking for something special and uncommon then have a look here in this list.

  1. 404 Network Unavailable: You may overlook the network at first sight. Relax! It’s a name only!
  2. XXX: Well, it doesn’t need any introduction and you might have understood that what we meant by it. Give it a try and everyone else in your locality will start hunting down the Wi-Fi owner! Try at your own risk.
  3. Milk makes the cookie wet: Can you guess the inner meaning of it? Bravo! You got it! Well, don’t try it if your girlfriend resides somewhere near your house.
  4. (.)(.) Boobies: Hey! It’s for the big guys only. Don’t try it otherwise, your mom and dad will know how much porn you watch.

More Funny Wifi Names For You

Here are some more of them!

Really Funny Wifi Names
Virus WiFi
Nacho WiFi
Go Go Gadget Internet
Log in here!
Mom Use This One
Your music is annoying
Free for 1 day
Bob Vance
The Dark World Wide Web
This LAN Is My LAN
Browsers Assemble!
Wi-Man and the Fi
Boner Champ
It Hurts When IP
Get Your Own Wi-Fi
I Can Haz Wi-Fi?
Error: Please Contact Your ISP
Revenge of the Wi-Fi
Breaking the Wi-Fi
LAN of the Dead
WiFi of Solitude
Go Go Gadget Internet
Connection Lost

These are all, for now, we will keep the list updating. If you have any funny Wi-Fi names in your minds, share with us. In the meantime, wanna hack your neighbor’s wifi? Check out our Hack Wi-Fi Using Kali Linux guide

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