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The Internet has revolutionized the twenty-first century. Today the world cannot function without the internet for a day or so. The Internet has been found since 1970, which was an advanced networking method for military and government organizations, but later the internet and Arpanet combined to form the modern-day internet.

The Internet can be accessed through hundreds of ways, for faster communications we usually use cable connections like fiber optic cables or modern Ethernet cables. And there are other communication methods like mobile networks and Wi-Fi and also the latently introduced Li-Fi, Laser Internet which is believed to be hundreds or even thousand times faster than Ethernet or Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

But new technologies like Dual-band Wi-Fi or 5.2 GHz Wi-Fi communication or the new 5th generation mobile networks are much faster than the Ethernet cable connections. Wi-Fi was used by the government organization, military bases, and airports before, but later smartphone companies introduced portable hot stop tethering which leads to millions Wi-Fi hot stops every mile!

Since Wi-Fi has evolved this much, there are hundreds of bug and flaws in it. Since it is one of the oldest forms of communication when compared to other communications, it can be cracked easily but it will take some time, you need to have little patience to get a Wi-Fi password and hack wifi.

How To Hack Wifi- Simplest Guide For Wifi Password Hacker!

In this post, we will discuss an app known as WiFi hacker which uses some well know wireless attacking strategies like Brute Force, Aircrack-ng, CoWPAtty, Void11, MAC address filtering, to crack Wi-Fi password within hours if not it will crack it within a day depending upon your device’s processor.

This post is purely for educational purpose only. This is a noob friendly post so; you will be able to crack the Wi-Fi passwords around you with just a click. By the way, if you are more of a pro user, you can also try our guide to hack wifi using kali Linux.

There are different types of wireless networks, like Wireless PAN, Wireless LAN, Wireless ad hoc network, Wireless MAN, Wireless WAN, Cellular network, Global area network, Space network. And there are different types of Wi-Fi encryption or security types like Open (risky), WEP 64 (risky), WEP 128 (risky), WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES), WPA2-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES), WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES).

But whatever the encryption or security type be, we will be able to hack or crack all the network within two days’ time. This is possible because Wi-Fi doesn’t have any security measures like locking the network to a person if he or she attempts wrong security for more than five or fifty or five hundred times.

Wifi Password Hacker – Wifi Hacker Password Breaker

Therefore, most of the networks can be hacked by a simple brute forcing; you just need to have some knowledge on scripting and Linux to attack a Wi-Fi network through brute force and crack the password.

Wi-Fi hacker is a very user and noob friendly software that is used by millions of people to crack password all around the world. WiFi password hacker is also compatible with all devices and all operating systems.

Wi-Fi hacker is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers and also available for all operating systems from phone operating systems to computer operating systems like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

It is like enjoying internet of other without their permissions, which is not good and also illegal in some countries. So you have to use this app very carefully, mostly you will not get into trouble for using this app or cracking the password of any Wi-Fi, but the real problem starts when you steal the host data or visit unwanted sites, or try some dark net, then it’s a very big trouble for the Wi-Fi owner and so there are cent percent chances that you can also be traced easily, this is because some routers or devices store all the MAC address of the devices that connects to it.

Apart from these issues, this app is very safe and user-friendly. The interface of the app is very cool that you can get a list of the available network in their dashboard and some parallel buttons to crack its passwords. This app is not available in the play store, so you have to download it from trusted sources from the web, but don’t worry I will provide you the direct link to download it in this post.

And there some important things to get done before getting the app fully functional, like you need to go to settings in your phone and check the Unknown sources feature to install the app, and if you are going to install this app in windows then it will automatically prompt you with a screen asking for administrator access while installing and in Linux you will be able to install it directly through the package and a single line command.

But in some smartphones, your device need to be rooted or jail brake to install this app. In this case, you have to root your device first, and then you have to provide root permissions to access the app, this will provide some extra features to the app, like adding some more features to the beast!

In case if you don’t have a rooted device then you cannot access the password, it will just connect you to the network using a hash key which is one encryption key, which cannot be decrypted. So, if you want to crack the password and share it with other or use it connect other devices of yours, then you must have a rooted device.

Some big institutions will have enterprise type Wi-Fi encryption which is considered as the top level security, which cannot be cracked easily or most of the third party apps cannot crack it, but this wifi password hacker software can crack it too.

This type of highly secured Wi-Fis will have a username and password to log into it, which almost ninety percent of the apps or software cannot crack, but WiFi password hacker has some special algorithms, and the method to hack it are coded very effectively that it can crack it, when we give it some time.

To be true and clear, there is no way that you can fully secure your Wi-Fi password which is open to the public. New technologies have emerged to even search and attack hidden networks. You just can secure it by making the cracking software a lot of time to crack it; this can be done by including upper case letters, symbols, numbers, etc. in your security key and switching off your router regularly or changing your password daily.

Wherever you go, there will be surely a Wi-Fi network available nowadays. So, for emergency purposes, you can crack the network and use their network. Unless you use it for good purposes, you are safe. In the latest updates of the Wi-Fi hacker app, they have included some online Wi-Fi hacking tools which are purely server based hacks, there for the processing speed increases by thousand times and you can get the password instantaneously like in the case of Wifi auditor app.

And there are added benefits to it like your identity is completely safe and secure. I am pretty sure that’s all that you have to know about this app, now just go forward and download it…

Download Wi-Fi hacker from here

Now after knowing so much about the app, let us see its advantages and disadvantages:

  •    It is one of the cleanest apps I have ever seen, most of the app used to ads all over it, which is very irritating, but this app doesn’t have a single ad.
  •    Premium version of apps that doesn’t have ads is usually paid, and the apps with no ads are also paid, but the best feature of this app is that it is completely free and no ads in it.
  •    It is very user-friendly and noob friendly app.
  •    This app doesn’t have any hidden viruses or malware that affect the attacks other files without the user’s knowledge.
  •    It is the very cool feature that this app can hack into WPA Enterprise and WPA or WPA2 security encrypted networks.
  •    You will go completely anonymous when you are connected to a network without the host’s knowledge. It is a great feature from the developer.
  •    There is absolutely no restrictions or limitation of the features provided by the app; you can hack into the unlimited network.
  •    It also provides a feature which is a gem to everyone, that is, it gives admin level access to the hacker so that you can monitor everyone’s network and you can also disconnect others from the network you are connected to.
  •    This app is available for all devices and all operating system; it is a universal app.
  •    It can hack into three layers of security, like inner networks inside a big network, which can be hacked easily.
  •    It is a normal app that can be used like other apps. It takes only 20 MB of your phone storage and gives you the power of an ethical hacker.

More about Wifi hacker Password Breaker

Wi-Fi password hacker can hack WEP-protected Wi-Fi networks in seconds because it is the lowest level of security available, it will have a security key authentication code in its connecting passage which is accessible to the public, therefore it is very easy to find it.

Wi-Fi hacker can also hack WPA and WPA2 networks which are a bit powerful than WEP but these networks are hackable through airmon, airdump Linux penetrations. But it is a bit difficult to hack, but nothing is unhackable in this world, so this can also be hacked easily, but it was difficult to code the penetration into the app. But this was brilliantly done by the developers.

Wi-Fi hacker even hacked the most powerfully encrypted wireless networks like WPA Enterprise networks, which is very difficult to hack according to some ethical hacker, but it is also hackable, but the method used in this app is unknown.

Conclusion about Wifi password hacker

Wi-Fi password hacker is a very wonderful app if used in right purpose. If you are a regular traveler across the globe, then this is a very handy app for you, where you can get free internet everywhere. Even you can access all the networks present in airports. But you may also get into trouble if you don’t have enough knowledge about networking, hackers can steal your information from the network you are connected to. So, never trust anything, this is friendly app only for educational purpose.

If you have the internet on your device while cracking passwords then there are chances that you may get the passwords quickly if anyone else has already cracked it, the app also has a database of cracked passwords from a temporary period. Like this, you can find numerous feature while using this app.

So, you should always be careful before connecting to a network and that too public networks are very dangerous, if you are having some important and confidential files in your laptop or mobile then it is better to avoid connecting to public networks, because you can be a very big hacker, but there will always be a legend for you, it is always finding new logics and making people and even hackers falls under the trap you create.   

So, don’t just download WiFi password hacker and jump like you can hack every network, the Wi-Fi networks available may not be a network at all, it may be a trap set by the hackers, persons like the developers of this app. Just leave all these things and crack only networks you are aware of.

Wi-Fi hacker is one of the best wifi password hacker I have ever seen. It is user-friendly, free and also ad-free, it is like a diamond to the users, also is provides unlimited access of its feature. And you can also share the passwords with your friends if you have a rooted phone or if you use the computer. Nothing more to say about it, just use it responsibly and enjoy its awesome features.

By the way, on a fun note, check out some really funny wifi names and make your neighbors laugh!!

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